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Tamaro mobile pani ma padi jay to aa 7 upayo ajamavo

Tamaro mobile pani ma padi jay to aa 7 upayo ajamavo

If your phone falls into the water, do it immediately
If your mobile becomes wet, you have to do this work.

In today's world, mobile has become an important part of our lives. We need a mobile phone wherever we go. With always keeping a mobile phone with us, our phones fall into the water by negligence. You do not need to panic, know what to do immediately if the phone falls into the water. www.jobsgujarat.in
If a mobile phone falls into the water or wakes up for some reason, it should be kept in a dry place first. Do not shake the mobile phone excessively and immediately clean it with dry cloth.

Do not try to touch the button or touch again to check the mobile phone if the phone is in the water, doing this causes the phone to turn on the function and the device board crashes.
If possible, remove the mobile phone battery as soon as the phone starts functioning, the risk of getting a shot circuit in the phone starts to increase, so remove the battery immediately.
Sim card and SD from mobile phone as well as battery Remove the card and do not play the phone.

Clear the mobile phone immediately with a dry cloth or towel. If the phone has more water, try drying it immediately to vacuum or dry place.
After that you have to remove moisture from your mobile phone. For this, keeping the rice in a packet, keep the phone in it. Rice has hygroscopic properties that easily remove moisture. You can also use silica packets.

When you think the moisture inside the mobile phone has dried, then take the mobile phone to the techiki and make it mobile. You do not switch on mobile phones or switches on yourself.

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Tamaro mobile pani ma padi jay to aa 7 upayo ajamavo
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