Thursday, 14 May 2020

You will get a loan of Rs. 1 lakh at an interest rate of 2% : CM Vijaybhai Rupani

You will get a loan of Rs. 1 lakh at an interest rate of 2% : CM Vijaybhai Rupani

The delineation between system software such as and application software is not exact, however, and is occasionally the object of controversy. For example, one of the key questions in the trial was whether Microsoft's was part of its operating system or a separable piece of application software.

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Users create this software themselves and often overlook how important it is.

Some applications are available in versions for several different platforms; others only work on one and are thus called, for example. an application for Sometimes a new and popular application arises which only runs on one , increasing the desirability of that platform. This is called killer app. For example, VisiCalc was the first modern software for the Apple II and helped selling the then-new into offices. For Blackberry it was their software.

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As another example, the is, in part, due to disagreement about the relationship between the and the operating systems built over this . In some types of , the application software and the operating system software maybe indistinguishable to the user, as in the case of software used to control a player. The above definitions may exclude some applications that may exist on some computers in large organizations. For an alternative definition of an app.

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Loans up to Rs 1 lakh will be available at 2 per cent interest, said Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani
Self-reliant Gujarat Sahay Yojana announcement, 1 lakh loan at 2% interest, no installment or interest to be paid for 6 months





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Chief Minister Vijay Rupani further said that the Korona virus would not affect the state and the government was committed to provide employment to the people and most of the artisans and workers would be covered under the self-reliant Gujarat assistance scheme.

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You will get a loan of Rs. 1 lakh at an interest rate of 2% : CM Vijaybhai Rupani
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