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TAT BHARTI All New Updates

TAT BHARTI All New Updates
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Gujarat State School Textbook Board Vighyayan ', Sector 1A, Gandhin J [1 - 382010 (Foam May, 1, 2P) no. ૫૫ m / b / 99959) dt. 0 019 From, District Primary Education Officer All Gujarat State Subjects: - To inform the schools of your district about the improvement in Standard 1 Gujarati textbook. According to the above mentioned subject, please note that standard no. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's motto is printed as "Be educated, be organized, self-help is the true help", instead take into account the change in "Be educated, struggle and be organized". In addition, teachers in all schools in your district should request that the appropriate course of action be taken at your level so that the teacher conducts reforms in the classroom and also improves the textbook. Expect collaboration,. ~ _ Naibniamak (Typical) Gujarat State School Textbook Board, Gandhinagar, Duplicate Submission: (1) Director, Dist. C. E. R . Also, good to Gandhinagar, (1) with the request of the Director, Elementary Education and the District Primary Education Officers, to inform them.

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TAT BHARTI All New Updates
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